Account Set Up

What do I need to do to set up an account with Craftwork?

Let us know you'd like an account and we will send you a short form to complete 

Do I need to set up an account to trade with Craftwork?

No.  You have the choice of paying Pro Forma ie before the order is placed or setting up an account


Can you manufacture to Crib 7 standard?

Yes - there is a choice of fabrics available which comply with Crib 7 (see Fabric section) or we can add an extra interliner to a Crib 5 fabric

Am I limited to a specific range of fabrics?

No. We will manufacture chairs in any suitable fabric. If there is a fabric you particularly want to use, that you have seen elsewhere let us know what it is called and we can provide a quote and source it for you.

How do I choose a fabric?

You can choose whatever fabric you like but the most popular fabrics are here on the website.  The website fabrics and the selection on our downloadable fabric sheet are all allocated to a price band which then determines the price for each piece of furniture. Our sales office can send you swatch cards which are clearly labelled with the fabric's price band and technical specifications sales@craftworkupholstery.com or 0113 290 7939

Can I pick whichever fabric I want for my chair?

Yes. All our chairs are manufactured to order using fabrics chosen by you - the selection of fabrics on the website are the most popular ones.

How waterproof are these fabrics?

All so called waterproof  vinyls and fabrics will eventually let standing water soak through them but are waterproof for relatively short wetting periods.  It is worth bearing in mind that even if a chair is upholstered in a waterproof fabric, seams can never be fully waterproof

Which is better, fabric or vinyl?

This depends on the environment you’re furnishing. Vinyl is easier to clean and harder wearing but can look more institutional - having said that, there are now several very innovative vinyls available which have patterns and textures. Faux leathers provide the performance of a vinyl but are more homely looking. Modern healthcare fabrics come in a wide range of modern designs and are back coated to make them waterproof so these are also practical

Furniture Quality

How do I know that the furniture I receive will be in perfect condition?

All furniture leaving our site is inspected. It is then covered with a protective layer and loaded by our own experienced  transport team to avoid any damage during delivery.

How do I know that the furniture I receive is fit for purpose?

Representative samples of all our healthcare furniture have been tested for strength and stability by ‘The Furniture Industry Research Association’ (FIRA) to BS EN 15373: 2007 levels 2 and 3. This ensures that all our furniture is suitable for severe contract use.

Do you employ a recognised quality system?

Yes, we are accredited to ISO 9000 : 2015 for the ‘design, manufacture and supply of fine contract furniture’


Will the polish on the exposed wood surfaces chip?

We polish to Severe Contract standard as defined by BS6250. This requires the application of 3-4 coats of lacquer following hand staining. The result is an extremely hard protective layer giving years of good looks in the contract environment.

We also use an anti-microbial polish called Medicote on all our healthcare furniture. This resists the spread of infection in both a healthcare and hotel environment.

Does your furniture pass all the relevant fire regulations for contract use?

Under BS7176 most public areas are classed as medium hazard and require furniture that has been tested under BS5852 to ‘crib 5’ fire retardancy.  All of our healthcare furniture complies with this requirement and is clearly labelled as suitable for medium hazard areas. Full certification of fabrics and foams is available if required

Can I choose the wood colour of my furniture?

Yes. We offer either standard wood shades click here – or we can colour match to any sample you provide for a small additional charge

Can I choose the type of wood my furniture is made in?

I’m afraid not. All our furniture is manufactured from European hardwoods from sustainable sources. Mostly this is beech, but we also use ash, sycamore and birch

Do you supply chairs with a variety of seat heights?

Most of our chairs can be supplied with seat heights between 410 – 510mm. Seat heights are clearly marked on the website and on our literature, but if there is a chair you like, that does not have the seat height you require, it’s always worth checking with our sales office to see if it can be modified sales@craftworkupholstery.com or calling 0113 290 7939

Do you manufacture bespoke furniture?

For large projects we are happy to manufacture bespoke furniture to your drawings or sketch.

We are also happy to modify any of our existing range to suit your particular requirements. Changes in leg type, foam or fibre, specification, lumbar support, strapping, seat height etc are all easily carried out with little additional cost and for products in small quantities


Do you have any chairs available for immediate delivery?

We have a number of budget chairs held in stock for quick delivery - click Special Offers to see details . 

Do you deliver furniture anywhere in the UK?

Yes we do.

We deliver to the whole of mainland UK but please note that deliveries to Cornwall, the Far North of Scotland and any delivery involving a ferry crossing will incur additional charges - click Delivery Information to see more details. Further details are available from our sales office sales@craftworkupholstery.com or 0113 290 7939

Do you place the furniture in the room it’s required?

This depends on what you have arranged with us prior to delivery. Our standard delivery service is to take the furniture into the nearest downstairs room of the property. This is the basis on which we normally quote, but two other options are available:

If the order is large then we can offer a discount if you want us to deliver on a tailgate basis. This is where there is only one driver making the delivery  who can help your team unload, but he does not carry furniture into the premises. This can be useful on large projects where there is a team on site 

At the other end of the scale we also offer a placement service where we put the furniture in the correct room, remove all the packaging and brush down the fabric. There is a small additional cost for this service which assumes there is ready access to the building and that the lifts are working

What if I want a delivery on a specific date?

If the value of your order is high then we can offer a ‘date specific delivery’ at the time of order - please ask our sales office for further information by emailing sales@craftworkupholstery.com or calling 0113 290 7939

When during the day  do you deliver the furniture?

Furniture deliveries are made between 8.00am and 6.00pm

How are deliveries organised?

We acknowledge all our orders so you can check that all the details are correct. A few days before delivery we will give you a call and tell you the day of the delivery. If this isn’t convenient we can reschedule, although this may cause a delay.

If I need the furniture sooner than your standard lead times what can I do?

Contact our sales office sales@craftworkupholstery.com or 0113 290 7939. If we know what you want, and when you want it, we can sometimes slot urgent jobs into our production timetable. We also have a small stock of chairs ready made for rapid delivery

What are the average lead times on the furniture you supply?

Lead times are generally between 4 – 6 weeks on upholstered furniture as well as tables, bedroom and lounge cabinet furniture as all our pieces are made to order.

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